January 2, 2024

Bonnie Even | 2023-12-30 00:01:22

"Ron was hired to handle a mold issue in my home. We paid 20,000 dollars and he never gave me my clearance and 7 year warranty as promised. I’m unsure if I am living in a safe environment. Ron gave several excuses every time I contacted him about my paper work and now he simply refuses to return my calls and texts. It has now been 2 months since he supposedly completed the work and I have no paperwork. I am a single parent and 20,000 dollars was a tremendous amount of money to lose. I pray nobody goes through what I did with this man/ company "
November 4, 2023

2023-11-06 | 15:25:25

"Ron Rodrigues is highly professional who knows this technical business inside and out. His team leader and staff members are hard workers and very pleasant to have on the premises. Their work is thorough, and precise. My basement is 100 years old and this is the first time it’s been tested and remediated for mold. Now it’s certified by an independent lab to be within normal levels for air purity. If you have a need for this service call Future Vision Environmental Services. I certainly have no regrets."
September 26, 2023

2023-11-06 | 15:25:21

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We began experiencing mold-related health issues a year after moving into our home so we called Ron at Future Vision to come do an inspection. He came out promptly and did a very thorough inspection of our home that included air quality testing throughout the house. The first major issue he discovered was mold in our attic. This eventually resulted in a total roof tear off with Future Vision removing all the existing insulation, cleaning all the joists and installing all new insulation. They worked seamlessly with the roofing contractor to do their work concurrent with the roof removal/installation. They did a fantastic job and warranty their work. Along with the attic work we also discovered mold in our basement from past water leaks. Future Vision Environmental helped with select demolition, mold mitigation on remaining wood floor joists, and cleaning/sealing of the block wall. Their attention to detail and concern for my families well-being was very evident. The post-remediation air testing showed that the mold is gone and the health issues have gone away! Overall the entire team was very professional and I knew I was in good hands throughout the project."
August 10, 2023

2023-11-06 | 15:25:20

"I can't recommend Future Vision and Ron's team enough! We purchased a home in April that had mold issues in a bedroom and attic. From the moment we contacted them, Ron and his team were exceptional. Ron promptly visited our home to assess the situation and provided valuable recommendations. While a full attic cleanup wasn't feasible with our budget, Ron coordinated with our roofers to minimize spore spread during their work. They went above and beyond, conducting asbestos tests (including three layers of wallpaper- surprise!) and promptly removed asbestos tile. The mold in the bedroom turned out to be worse than anticipated, but Ron's team handled it professionally. They recommended us to a contractor and worked seamlessly with them to reinforce the structure, ensuring the structural integrity of the home. Air quality tests were thorough, revealing a surprising mold issue in the basement due to foundation cracks. Ron's team took immediate action, cleaning the affected area for upcoming repairs. Throughout this challenging process, Ron's team prioritized our safety and moved swiftly, allowing us to move into our home sooner. Their dedication and strategic approach were outstanding. While the costs weren't negligible, Future Vision's willingness to guide us on essential health-related projects while leaving room for future upgrades made the process manageable. We also had a worst case scenario situation with a lot of remediation. We're grateful for their exceptional service and the peace of mind they provided. They were available at all times and even met us on the weekend to accommodate our work schedule. Ron and his team are saved in my contacts, and I'm confident they'll be there again if needed. Thank you, Future Vision, for your expertise and support!"
August 4, 2023

2023-11-06 | 15:25:18

"Future Vision Environmental is the best company. Ron is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy! We were having issues with mold and air quality concerns in our home. After working with Future Vision, our family felt safe living inside our home. All concerns were addressed, resolved, and the company provides details which makes the process easier on the consumer. I would only use Future Vision Environmental in the future for all of my environmental needs based on the professionalism, quality of service, attention to detail, and care/concern for my family’s health that I experienced dealing with the company."
April 27, 2023

2023-06-26 | 15:50:15

"These are my mold guys. I don't trust anyone else. Future Vision uses cutting edge tech for mold detection and truly understand diligent containment. They are also very responsive and I hear back immediately after contacting them for emergencies."