Bat & Raccoon Control in Oak Park, MI

Future Vision Environmental and Consulting knows that animal infestations in a home aren’t just a nuisance – they’re a potential health hazard. Our technicians provide bat and raccoon control to rid your property of these troublesome pests once and for all. We also take a close look at your insurance policy, to see what’s covered and what’s not so that your out-of-pocket costs are as minimal as possible.

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Racoon Control

Bat Control

While bats are important to our ecosystem, you don’t want them making their way into your home or business. As the experts in bat control throughout Metro Detroit, our team gets to work quickly when you’re dealing with a bat infestation. Bats can cause all sorts of problems if they’re not removed in a timely manner, and our experts not only get rid of bats humanely, they also keep them from coming back.

Raccoon Control

While raccoons may be cute, they can do plenty of damage if they decide to make your home their home. Raccoons love to invade chimneys and attics, especially during springtime when female raccoons are pregnant. These clever animals don’t look for ways into your house—they create them, ripping off shingles, siding and vent caps to find their way inside.

At the first sign of a raccoon infestation, you need to call in the professionals to get the situation handled immediately. We’re the experts in raccoon control in Metro Detroit, providing quick and thorough inspections and offering humane solutions to deal with the problem as efficiently as possible.

Say Goodbye to Bats and Raccoons

Future Vision Environmental and Consulting provides professional raccoon and bat control services to effectively and humanely remove critters from your property. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right and ensure these pesky critters don’t come back. Contact us today at 248-525-7450 to schedule an inspection for animal control, air quality testing, mold and asbestos remediation, and more in Oak Park, Detroit, Redford Charter Twp, Royal Oak, and Southfield, MI.

Insurance When It Comes To Raccoons And Bats

When it comes to raccoons and Bats, the damage one can do to a home can be costly. Unfortunately, not all homeowners insurance will cover the damage done by these critters. Raccoons and Bats are known for chewing holes wherever they are looking to find a way in for shelter. They can destroy insulation, drywall and cause structural damage leaving your home vulnerable. Rabies, roundworms and other parasites are all commonly found within raccoon droppings and if these are in or near your HVAC system, major health issues can occur. Protecting yourself by seeing what your insurance policy covers allows you to stay a step ahead may you incur raccoon or Bats damage.


When left unchecked, one stray bat can turn into a colony of them! Bats can cause severe structural degeneration due to their corrosive waste. Bat droppings often result in guano deposits that can damage and degrade the structure of your home by causing corrosion, wood decay, and stains.

Bat Control
Racoon Control


Once inside, they can damage and soil the insulation, tear up wires and create all kinds of havoc. They can also bring lice, fleas and ringworm with them when they set up house. Unfortunately, raccoons love to get into attics. This area of your home provides them with warmth, comfort and shelter. We understand that removing the animals ASAP is your top priority. That’s why we provide fast but thorough inspections to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Did you know? A standard homeowners insurance policy may help cover repairs if raccoons damage or destroy the roof, attic or other areas of the home’s structure. When this happens, We can look at your terms and conditions of your policy. Most insurance policies exclude domestic animals, insects, birds, and rodents. Raccoons, and bats don’t fall into any of these categories.

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